Bento Rakugo: 弁当落語


 Bento Rakugo is a storytelling troupe based in Hawaii. It was founded by Yasu Ishida, Artistic Director of the troupe, whose mission is to honor traditional Rakugo and also bring a modern twist to it.
 Rakugo is a traditional Japanese comic storytelling where a performer sits on Zabuton, which is a Japanese cushion, and tells a comic story using a Japanese fan: sensu, and a Japanese towel: tenugui. It has been one of the most popular Japanese traditional theatre forms along with Kabuki and Bunraku.  Following traditional Rakugo Yose​ style in Japan, a show contains a couple of Rakugo stories and an Iromono Variety Act performance, which varies from a lion dance to Japanese traditional juggling.

 They have been toruing their shows throughout Hawaii islands.
They are a part of Statewide Cultural Extension Program and featured in National Library week 2013.

"The storytelling was wonderful, funny and charming."
    - Lanai Today
"This one is absolutely worth a watch – you’ll want to give this sit-down comedy a standing ovation."
    - Ka Leo 
"It was one of the best all age programs, all ages where engaged and enjoyed the show."
   - Kapolei Public Library

Reviews of Bento Rakugo


"Okiku's Plate" Directed by Yasu Ishida

"I Hate Manjyu" Directed by Yasu Ishida

Iromono Variety Act "Taste of Japanese Juggling"
                      Directed by Yasu Ishida

Iromono Variety Act "Magical Bamboo Blind"
                      Performed by Yasu Ishida

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