Perfect for aspiring magician!
This Yasu Ishida's Magic Kit includes some of the most popular tricks for ages 6 and up.

It includes,

- Ball Vase (The ball magically appears and disappears in the magic vase. A classic of magic. )

- Sliced Rope (Rope can be cut and restored anywhere along it’s length in the blink of an eye! )


- Color Vision (The magician introduces a small plastic box. He removes the lid and dumps out a small cube. The cube is shown to have a different color on each side. The spectator is invited to select a color, place the cube in the box with the selected color on top, and replace the lid. The magician turns away to allow him to do this. The magician faces the spectator once again and takes the box from the spectator. )

- Coin Case (Coin appears, disappears and changes to a different coin! )

- Spike the Coin (A solid coin is placed inside the box and covered with the lid. Five long spikes are then pushed through the box from top to bottom, apparently penetrating the solid coin. When the spikes are removed, the coin remains unharmed!  You can use borred coin too!)


- Obedient Ball (A ball is shown with a string running through the center of it. The ball slides freely down the string. At the magician’s command, the ball stops and remains suspended on the string. A second command, and the ball drops again! )

- Ring and Spring (A ring is trapped on a spring. The magician can remove it quick as a wink! )

It come with an instruction booklet.
In addition, it comes with bonus FIFTY tricks booklet.
With the kit, you can perform more than FIFTY SEVEN magic tricks!

Yasu Ishida Easy Magic Kit

$25.00 通常価格

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