Make a wand rise, with your command!

This kit comes with popular classic magic, Rising Wand. You can perform 6 tricks with the rising wand.

In addition, you get THREE bonus magic tricks whcih include,


- Zig Zag Pencil ( Solid pencil is chopped into three pieces and rejoined magically in the self working case! )

- Crazy Cats ( An amazing optical illusion. Two different cards shaped like boomerangs are shown. The upper boomerang is obviously shorter than the one below. Then the smaller one is stretched and shown to be longer. Finally, both are shown to be exactly the same. )

- Energized Cards ( A match or toothpick is handed to the spectators for examination. It is then placed upon a playing card where it is seen to levitate above the card! Another card is passed above and below showing no connections. )

Yasu Ishida Rising Wand Kit

$15.00 通常価格

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