Library Programs

45 minutes program that has been featured all over the country from Hawaii, Florida, South Carolina, to Georgia. Yasu's program incorporates storytelling with Origami and magic tricks.

His current programs are now affiliated with
Statewide Cultural Extension Program. Below are evaluations from libraries he worked with.

School Programs

Yasu offers two programs; 45 minutes school assembly show and a residency program.  His curriculum based show incorporates Japanese storytelling with Japanese bamboo flute, Japanese Lion Dance, and Origami.

His residency program is hands-on origami workshop that he teaches Japanese culture, history and geography through art of paper folding.

Both programs are connected to standards in Theatre Arts, Music, Arts, Social Studies, Language Arts and Mathematics (Geometry).

His school program is affiliated with United Arts Council of Wake & Raleigh County.

Theatre Program & Festival Programs are available too.

Yasu has been performing at festivals all over the county from Disney Summer Stage Kids (NY), The National Cherry Blossom Festival (DC), Hawaii Book & Music Festival, Florida Storytelling Festival, KIDabra and more,

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