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From Storytelling Festivals, Children Festivals, Culture Festival, Yasu has delighted audiences all over the country. 

"Yasu ishida's artistry and stage presence is superb!"

storytelling festivals (featured)

Florida Storytelling Festival 
North Carolina Wake County Storytelling Festival 
Hawaii Talk Story Festival 
Starburst Storyteller Festival (SC)

Cracker Storytelling Festival (FL)
Stone Soup Storytelling Festival 


family festivals . Children Festivals

Disney Summer Stage Kids (NY)
Super Saturday Children Festival (NC)

Hawaii Music & Book Festival 

KAX Conference GALA Show (CA)
North Charleston Arts Festival (SC)
Red, White and Blue Festival (SC)
Columbus Book Festival (GA)
KIDabra GALA Show (TN)


Culture festivals

National Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington D.C.)
Maui Matsuri (HI)
Fort Wayne Cherry Blossom Festival (IN)
Sant Louis Japan Festival (MO)
Japan Fall Festival (MO)
Gaston MAX Cultural Festival (NC)
International Night (MN)
Honolulu Festival
International Festival (NC)


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